Solution Focused Leadership Summit 2021

Congratulations on attending the Solution Focused Leadership Summit!

Finding the secret ingredient for personal or team development is always a challenge. It’s a messy mix of defining purpose, objectives, fitting everything, retrospectives and drawing on your strengths and collective impact.

Part of my pledge to support organizations and leaders grow and have a meaningful impact on society, I’ve set aside throughout the year 104 coaching sessions.

My strong belief is that change happens with small steps, and one hour a week and can be invested in making a change.

I’ve doubled that. So each week, 2 hours.


As the Leadership Summit is focused on raising awareness within the business environment, I’ve decided to pledge 20 hours to participants at the Summit.

Simply go on and book a session and use the code mentioned below.

How much of an impact can we make with an hour?

A substantial one if we both work together!


Solution Focused Leadership Summit

Solution Focused Leadership Summit