One of the traits of great leaders resides in the capability of providing support and growth opportunities to team members. Feeling appreciated and having the company investing in development and learning new skills or enhancing existent ones represents in the same time a great motivation factor that leads to great performing teams.


This sounds like a silver bullet. It resolves both the question of how to I keep my employees working at full potential and in the same time, developing a company that will stand for its great leadership.


Well, in the same time, there are plenty of studies that show that many employees complain that their employer does not invest sufficiently in training. This when I have to wonder why is that.


My opinion is that the answer lies within planning. It takes time to plan for the training session and especially if you want to use internal resources, there is the downtime of those resources to prepare for it.


I had the chance to give trainings related to ACCA papers and they require a high level of preparation and organization. It takes energy to think of what to say, how to say it and how to ensure the message sticks. At the end of the day, seeing the results it is a great satisfaction. This was the reasoning behind pursuing a formal training in this area and obtaining a Train the Trainer certification.

Training experience

All the training sessions that I took part at represented for me a learning experience from the content point of view but also from the way it was delivered. The best way to learn is by seeing and doing. So I’ve used my chance to see and much as possible also behind the words.

One thing that I’ve learned from practice is that we all learn better, faster and longer lasting from experiences.

I propose a different approach to training. Let’s transform it into a game. Let’s design scenarios and practical exercises that can convey the message and in the same time ensure the team is interacting and building support.

We can take subjects ranging from audit, risk management, fraud, and so on up to non-verbal skills and management skills and turn them into a hands-on training session. The advantage in that lies also in reducing the burden on the organization to set up a traditional training session.

Training services Benefits

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