Risk Management

Companies come in different sizes and structures, but so does risks. Having a plan and being prepared to implement necessary actions sounds like the best way of handling risks. The questions is only how do we get there.
This is where risk management comes into play as a process intended to follow the entire flow from identifying, classifying, measuring the potential impact and probability, opening the talk about mitigation actions. The result of the process is a companywide awareness of potential risks and what to do in case they materialize.
Throughout my consultant experience, I have been involved in several projects in the area of risk management.

The risk management process might seem like a lot of work, but with the right people on board it can turn into a tool that adds value to the organization.

Setting up a Risk Assesstment Process

Depending on the type of project the project plan can take different forms. The implementation is open to discussion and agreement on the most valuable option for your organization.

Project based Risk Management workflow

From the inception stage we have to design the project to suit the organization’s way of doing business and define methods that will make the process efficient and effectiv.

Risk Management Project Timeframe

Risk Management


is a continuous exercise that requires time and implication, but it provides the entity with highly valuable information that can be used for decision making.

Project based Risk Management Benefits

Let me contribute to the quality and quantity of decision making information.

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