Process Analysis

Our lives are made of processes. From determining what is the best way of handling our daily tasks to getting our vacation booked. After we tested one time the plan for the day and figured out what works and what doesn’t we tend to adjust the process to better suit the purpose.
The most interesting part is that these skills can be used in optimizing the existent flows within any organization.
Each company has a set of processes defined to ease up the daily activities. It happens a lot of times that these processes have several decision points that are cumbersome and slow down the entire flow.
This is the point when process analysis can show its true value by giving a snap shot view of the way steps are linked and support the entity via different tools in designing a simple and streamlined process.

My experience represents a great cocktail of control focus and process oriented mind that can maximize the impact of process analysis.

Process analysis

The starting point will be depicting the AS-IS status, the current process. This will represent the basis of evaluation and critically assessment of what should be changed. Your feedback at each iteration will be highly valuable to guide the project towards the desired TO-BE status.


Project based Process analysis workflow

Compared to other typed of projects, process analysis requires great level of involvement to ensure acceptance of the new process and ownership of tasks.


Process analysis Project Timeframe

Processes are at the base of all type of organizations.


They represent the veins that allow for the flow of tasks to get done. If they are streamlined and in accordance with entity goals, they can support the Hedgehog concept selected to reach greatness.

Process analysis Project Benefits

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