– a formal examination of an organization’s financial situation.

This is the formal definition included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.
My definition of audit is broader and I would say audit is like a friend that has your back when you cross the street. He can look upfront that there is nothing coming and also take a look after to make sure that you haven’t lost something.

Considering my vast audit experience, I can easily play the role and support your organization with several types of projects depending on the current need.
From entity audit to short term assignment, I have been involved in several engagements that enhanced my knowledge and skills.

Entity Audit

A audit project follows 3 stages: initiation, performing the work and closure.

In each of these steps open communication is highly valuable to ensure that project objectives are attained. My approach is to have a thorough assesment of the scope, objectives and deadlines as these items represent the foundation pillars of the project. In the same time they represent measurable indicators that can define the degree of success of the project.


audit project stages - initiation, performing the work and closure

Timetable is a great tool for providing an overall picture of the tasks and how they come together. In the same time, to ensure it is used at its maximum, during weekly status meetings, input can be captured to see whether the project is on track.

The weekly status meetings have the dual purpose, capturing the progress of the project and keeping management informed of the issues identified and the work on-going. The most effective way is to provide up front a picture of the completeness level and early warnings on any issue identified for each area under review. This way, management can take away summarized information and make informed decisions on further work needed.

The Audit Timetable

A project based approach to audit it has several benefits as it gives the flexibility to decide upon the timing and length of time services are needed.


Most important, it has an impact on reducing costs and ensuring focus on the key topics that the organization identified.

A project based approach to audit

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