This is how we got here

After a multitude of hours of thinking and objectively assessing where do I go forward, I have decided to make a list of areas that I consider as my strong points. This was just the first exercise, as after that came refining and eliminating from the list the ones that I might have been good at, but I do not enjoy doing as much as others.

Next was the question, would these areas provide a financially viable solution for setting up a freelance business. Obviously, this lead to more refining and rearranging.

Following several rounds of sorting and resorting and reconsidering, I got to the conclusion that the subsequent four areas are where I’m great at and I would find enough passion to keep working also when there is no silver lining, and in the same time there is a need on the market.

Here are the types of services that I can support your organization with:



There are moments when you feel the company would need a boost of actions related to internal audit. That might be a need of additional resources, additional skills or knowledge. All of these have cost implications. Opting for a project based auditor means that we can focus on the current needs without the long term cost of a full time employee.


Risk Management

This type of service is directed towards situations when entities are just starting setting up risk frameworks. Through my previous experience and knowledge we can develop a risk system that would best suit your organization.

In the same time for the situations when there is a transitional period, I would act as interim risk manager to support your organization goals.

Process Analysis

Give your organization the chance to free up from the redundant steps.

Process analysis represents a useful tool that can help any entity gain clearance on the processes and help them create the flows that are needed to sustain envisaged growth.


I strongly believe that knowledge not transferred to others, is lost knowledge. By sharing information and experiences we are helping all of us to become a better professional.
On-site training on professional topics or related to personal development is great ways of supporting your employee’s growth.

The best starting point for any project is an open discussion. Let’s set up a meeting to know each other and discuss the best way I can support you and your organization in turning the flywheel.