Mothers Consulting Group

Mothers Consulting Group

This is a call to all brilliant professionals out there that have the desire to do more but have a limited time as they are focusing on an important part of their life, raising kids.
This group has 3 objectives:
  1. Database of skills: developing a network of professionals that want to put their skills to use in a timeframe defined by them. That means if you see a project that we would take upon, an area where you believe you can add value, you are welcome to get involved in a rhythm that suits you. And vice-versa, if I see a project that might need your support, we will reach out. The decision rests with you.

  2. Resources for implementing projects: providing to mothers that want to start a business or change course in the entrepreneurial world a platform where they can ask for advice, support and consulting work for their projects.

  3. Board of advisors: promote a flexible approach to work to support women in building both a career and a family.

Alone I can not move mountains. Together we can!


Join me on Meetup to see the next meeting details.

In the meantime, if you want to be part of the project, send me your CV so we can set up a meeting and talk about your skills!