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#Girlboss Sophia Amoruso

#GirlBoss. A book. A movement. A state of mind. A way of action.

The reason why I found this so interesting is very simple – #GirlBoss is a great example of how you can take a concept further and further, improve it and enhance it to reach millions of people.

It all started with a book written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of NastyGal, one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world. It has received substantial attention from the media and comes with high recommendations from all the important publications.

The book has half the aura of an autobiographical book and half motivating you to get up from the couch and do it. Whether that is, a business, a new job, a better life.



What I liked about it is the positive attitude mixed with humor that at the end of the book leaves you as reader with a feeling that ‘Yes, I can do that!’ And I have to admit this is one trait that I highly appreciate.

But Amoruso did not stop at this; she transformed the message of the book into a revolution on social channels. I’m confident it gave a lot of people the power to trust in them and empower them to take decisions to change their life.

If you are at a career turn point, then I strongly recommend you to read it as it will give you a boost of confidence and the right attitude to move forward.

Next spin came in the form of the #GirlBoss platform where you can find plenty of interviews with women that reached success. If you are in search for inspiration, take a look, you will for sure find something to help you feel better and help you get over the low point. In the same time if you feel you are on the climbing route and want to make sure you keep motivated to go further, it’s a good place to spend a bit of time.

My favorite part is the Foundation that supports women in the worlds of design, fashion, music, and the arts, to reach their potential. There are 2 yearly grants offered since 2014 to support business development. This is a wonderful way go give back and get new advocates for the movement.


To sum it up, the lessons that I’ve learned from #GirlBoss are:



Experiment! Try different things!

Each of us goes through a lot of experiences, personal or professional; some of them are great, some …not that great, nevertheless, they all can teach us something. They can teach us that we are stronger than we think, that we can do more and that there is no end to our capabilities as long as we are willing to work for it.

Is not the job title that counts, but what you make out of it.

We give constant attention and depict the traits of individuals perceived as great leaders on top of large organizations, but I think we forget sometimes that the same greatness can be found in the person selling you bread at the bakery down the road. We need people doing different types of jobs from cleaning to welding, and in each case is down to the enthusiasm and taking ownership of the task. There is a great example in the book: Amoruso tells how she was a sandwich artist at Subway and that one of the tasks was to put on gloves and massage mayonnaise into the tuna… Not the greatest job, but she did it and did it with pride.

Follow your passion.

This is the one of the most difficult ones as you have to decide to go for it and most important stick with it even when it gets tough. Passion can be a powerful gasoline for the inner fire.

Believe in your ideas and in you!

Repeating to yourself that you have what it takes and that you can do it, will help you stop feeling as a fraudster and get your brain to tune in and take the challenge. For each idea is important to not only see what lies in front of you but also what could be there in the future and plan for big thinks.

Make things contagious.

#GirlBoss message is quite simple: Be the owner of your life. If you do that for yourself, the person next to you will feel motivated to do the same and so on. And the ‘disease’ will get transmitted to more and more people, turning it into a very contagious virus but with great outcomes. The same principle can be applied to other ideas and concepts. So take your passion and make it contagious.

#GirlBoss or any other name you give it, Amoruso manifesto for empowering ourselves and the way the concept was transformed can be a wonderful example of success and motivation.

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