Presentation Coaching

Presentations with Impact

Imagine you are sitting in the room at one of the best presentations you have ever experienced. Remember the feeling? I can bet it was a mix of feeling mesmerized, like bound to a magic spell, wondering how does he/she does it, engaged and motivated to believe and follow! That’s what great presentations do to us. They transmit a message and at the same time make us adopt it as our own. They plan an idea in our thoughts. They transfer a feeling. They touch us!

Leadership and Executive Coaching Erlangen

How do they do it? That is something I have been asking myself a lot of times. Until I decided to dedicate time and effort to learning the skills and practicing them until I got there.

Great speakers and not born, they are made!

The role of this course is to give you structure information on what you have to master and how to do that. Plus, it offers you the chance to practice those skills and get feedback so you can learn and improve.</3>

How to create a presentation with impact

“Presentation Coaching” Course structure:

The focus is on helping you internalize the necessary skills, and that is best done by practice.

Hence, we will spend half a day on the theory behind presentations going through topics like:

  • Communication skills (voice, non-verbal skills, etc)
  • Preparing a presentation (visual aids, presentation road map, IT in the room, etc)
  • Executing a presentation
  • Common pitfalls
  • How to handle feedback or question session

After that is your turn! You have to apply what we have been telling you.

If you are interested, secure your place fast as it is on a first-come-first-served basis.