Coaching Services

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


The coaching programs are tailored to the WHO of my clients – I want to partner with you in searching for the most organic solution and strategy which shall fit you and your needs. This is why I and my partners made sure we can work with you in many languages and from any professional perspective you might require.

Our team can coach you on any topic you choose – our most commonly requested fields of expertise are, amongst others:

Career Coaching

For whom? Employees, freelancers or individuals in search of employment

Topics: Defining your strengths, core values and areas of interest; Career vision; Career goals; Decision making; Identifying the path for growth; Strategies for next career step


Business Coaching

For whom? Mainly for business owners and entrepreneurs

Topics: Goals set-up, growth and business stabilization, communication, conflict management, team development


Leadership Coaching

For whom? Anyone interested in defining, developing or improving their leadership skills

Topics: Defining your leadership style; Leadership vision; Identifying your strengths as a leader; Defining leadership goals; Improving leadership abilities


Executive Coaching

For whom? Business executives or senior leaders

Topics: Change Management; Finding work/life balance; People and performance management; Defining the desired interaction with stakeholders


Life Coaching

For whom? Anyone interested in improving their life

Topics: Identifying values, purpose, goals and strengths, and interests; Decision coaching; Work-Life balance


My coaching partners



Suzanne Pilch, polyglot and communication expert whose main focus in Business are internationalization and corporate culture as well as body language and personal branding. Suzanne’s passion for languages makes her coaching available in English, Spanish, Italian and Polish.





Ed Tyrrell started his career in Business as Supply Chain Manager for multinational companies in Dublin. His coaching focus is as vast as his business expertise, ranging from internationalization, through business strategy and people management to rebranding and corporate innovation.



Over the last decade, Ed and Suzanne have built their training and coaching career working with a variety of clients, treating every new project as an opportunity to grow and explore new ideas, concepts and solutions. They are especially proud of their work on verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiation, delivering presentations, public speaking, personal branding, career change, team building, personal growth, internationalisation, cross-cultural understanding, leadership, and socialising.


Amongst their clients, there are companies of all sectors such as: Consulting: PwC, Insurance and Banking: Allianz, Education: Business School 24 (Exclusive private post graduate school based in Milan and Rome), Technology: Moviri Group, Communication and Marketing: Antevenio, Automobile: SsangYong, Mitsubishi, KIA, as well as numerous Tax and Legal Firms.