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Below are examples of pro-bono coaching projects, where the beneficiaries pointed no restrictions regarding sharing the information under Data Protection Regulations. Additional projects (pro-bono or paid) will be included only when the receiving party is agreeing to it.

I'm a Coach support audit and compliance professionals in getting clearance

Bewerbungsfabrik Stadt Erlangen

Beneficiary: City of Erlangen
Services provided: “Elevator Pitch” workshop for refugees

Short description: Support refugees to clarify their message on the labor market and define a positive method of approaching opportunities
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Coaching Board of Directors of a NGO

Beneficiary: Mütter und Familientreff Erlangen e.V.
Services provided: Individual sessions with the members of the board

Short description: Sessions were intended to bring clarity on the vision and mission of the organization. By defining the current status and desired future, the members were able to align on a common picture of the association.
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Coach for NGO under StartSocial

Services provided:

Short description: Pro-bono coaching for an organization in the region. The association selected wanted to determine the structure of the association so that it can respond to the current situation. Brainstorming sessions were needed also to identify potential sources of financing for the changes envisaged.
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Projects under Coaching Initiative

Beneficiary: Coaching Initiative e.V.
Services provided: Part of the team

Short description: The initiative aims at supporting schools in their change processes, team development and building leadership capabilities
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#IamRemarkable workshops

Beneficiary: Volunteers in NGOs / Women
Services provided: Workshops

Short description: #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, thereby breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings.
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Anti-Fraud Community Coffee Break

Beneficiary: Anti-Fraud Community
Services provided: Moderation of the online meeting

Short description: In times of crisis, we need to get together and exchange ideas that could help all to emerge stronger.
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SFiO Support during Corona Crisis

Beneficiary: Solution Focused in Organisations Romania Chapter
Services provided: Coaching

Short description: Pro-bono coaching for people affected by the Corona crisis.
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