Coaching Partners

“Networking that matters is helping people achieve their goals.”

Seth Godin


I truly believe that the sum of parts can be stronger than individual pieces.

This is why, my approach is to partner with people that I resonate with, that I respect them as professionals and that I have the confidence they will bring in any project we do together, the value and quality needed. Below are the first degree partners.
In addition to them, there are other coaches that are part of the network Solution Forward that represent the extended pool of experts available to support any project.
Solution Forward is a network that was designed and created by Susanne, Ed and myself out of the desire to create a Swiss knife that we can have in our pocket and pull it out knowing we will always find the right tool inside.

My coaching partners

Suzanne Pilch

Polyglot and communication expert whose main focus in Business are internationalization and corporate culture as well as body language and personal branding. Suzanne’s passion for languages makes her coaching available in English, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

Ed Tyrrell

Started his career in Business as Supply Chain Manager for multinational companies in Dublin. His coaching focus is as vast as his business expertise, ranging from internationalization, through business strategy and people management to rebranding and corporate innovation.

Over the last decade, Ed and Suzanne have built their training and coaching career working with a variety of clients, treating every new project as an opportunity to grow and explore new ideas, concepts, and solutions. They are especially proud of their work on verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiation, delivering presentations, public speaking, personal branding, career change, team building, personal growth, internationalization, cross-cultural understanding, leadership, and socializing.

Amongst their clients, there are companies of all sectors such as Consulting (PwC), Insurance and Banking (Allianz), Education (Business School 24 – Exclusive private post-graduate school based in Milan and Rome), Technology (Moviri Group), Communication and Marketing (Antevenio), Automobile (SsangYong, Mitsubishi, KIA), as well as numerous Tax and Legal Firms.