Coaching for Individual Clients

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”

Yes, it needs a lot of motivation to succeed.

It needs a lot of dedication to get out “the Dip” (how Seth Godin calls it) and aim at becoming the best, no. 1, an expert in your field.
Kick-off meetings. Observations. Review. Process review. Methodology. Certifications. Risk. Detective controls. Assessment. Internship. Artificial Intelligence. Stakeholders. Value. Regulatory expectations. Governance. Project Management. Strategic Alignment. Roles and responsibilities. Organizational structure. Client. Framework. Key Risk. Fraud. SEC. External auditor. Procedures. Oversight. Testing. Performance metrics. Digital. COSO. Benchmarking. Automation. SOX. Continous development. Tone at the top. Fraud. Limitations. Balance. Compliance. Professionals…

All of the words above and many more are our common language.

Business and Career Coaching Erlangen Nuremberg

My aim is to support audit and compliance professionals in getting clearance on their goals and path to reach them.

Be it career development, next big presentation, project opportunity, balancing your professional and private life, applying for a certification, decision making, particular situations in your work, these are all types of topics, that my clients bring to the session.
The Solution Focused approach is to partner with the client and support her/ him in exploring potential paths and desired outcomes.
By asking powerful questions, the client is faced with different angles of the same situation that help crystallize custom-made solutions.

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