Career Coaching – Coaching made for you

Been there! You sit in front of your laptop and wonder am I in the right place? Is THIS what I really want? Is this the way for my career?

I do recall the long evenings in KPMG working on different projects, interesting things but at the same time, projects that I have done before, wondering if I should go on doing them or move on to a new challenge.

I took the second option. I’ve moved on to a job that got me more international exposure and broad experience with handling teams and management conversations.

Unfortunately, these decisions are not easy to take especially if you don’t have someone there to talk to and act as a soundboard for your ideas. Someone to challenge you and to give some hints and direction.

As a career coach is my role to help you calibrate your compass so you define your Nord, your path. I can tell you for sure that it’s not an easy thing to take decisions. To figure out the path that you want to walk on, you will need to take a lot of decisions.

This is why I believe there has to be a framework behind it to give you the confidence you looked in all corners, you assessed all the options and can make a decision without the fear you are missing on something.

As you progress in your career you will be faced with a crossroad multiple times and you will have to make the call. Once you have been through it one time you know how to prepare for the next situations.


My approach to Career Coaching

I’m a true believer in finding the right match and not just getting a client at any cost.

Hence, I want to learn a bit about you first and offer you the chance to ask me questions about myself and the way I work. To get this going, I recommend we have a free session of 1 hour with the goal of being able to take the decision at the end of it if we should move forward.

Once we define your objectives, I can do a tailored proposal of a number of sessions, strategy, and cost.


My coaching services

Depending on the stage in your career your needs for coaching are different. This is why I have split the type of services I can offer you in 3 buckets:

  • Students (studying or approaching the end of your studies)
  • Young professionals (in the first 5 years of experience)
  • Professionals (5 to 15 years)


I’m looking forward to scheduling the first meeting with you in person or via different applications so we can assess how can I best support you.