Who am I?

First and foremost let me introduce myself. My name is Cristina… Cristina Mühl.

Out of the multitude of ideas that came to my mind about what is it that I should say, I decided that is best if I try to combine all in one statement and then explain the details. This one phrase would be:

I am a coach with a strong business background and certifications, determined to support you on your path, one step at the time.

Now let’s get into the details of this.

I’ve started my studies with the aim of following both interest and passion. Now I hold a university degree in Applied Mathematics and one in Cybernetics followed by a Master Degree in Project Management.

My professional path debut was with KPMG as an actuary. This was a great experience as it taught me me what number crunching means and that you need solid premises. It was in the same time, my initiation into audit.

As any Big4 staff, I joined the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants with the dream of holding the ACCA designation at one point. This, as you might imagine, was for a non-finance person, a great turn. Looking back, I’m proud to say that I made it from not understanding what debit and credit are and why we need them, to scoring 1st in Romanian students top and 7th in ACCA worldwide for paper ‘Advanced Performance Management’.

From audit and actuarial services, I have gradually moved onto consultancy work. The value that this experience brought to me is substantial, as it meant to develop a new set of skills and enhance knowledge.

I went through business plans, market studies, questionnaires, set up companies from zero, define distribution chains, advice on potential financing sources, develop application folder for obtaining EU non-reimbursable funding which the client obtained, process analysis, risk management, evaluation of program implementation and many more.

But, above all, it meant a lot of talking and talking and talking with different levels of management and different types of institutions, from governmental ones to small, medium and large corporations.

In 2010, I have decided to make a new career move and give consultancy up to industry. Hence, I have joined the internal audit team of a great corporation – Delphi.

I believed that I have brought to the table significant amount of experience mixed with a valuable specialization, being a Certified Fraud Examiner. I must say that at the moment of obtaining the designation I was one of the first ones in Romania. This new boat took me traveling on a constant basis and deepening my audit and risk management skills.

And again above all it meant talking to people. The exposure to a mix of cultures and places to audit was tremendous (just to name a few: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, UK, India, Romania). It was a time when I added to my ‘assets’ also a certification in Risk Management Assesment.

The path took me to the world of words, where I have discovered how all things come together. My experience, expertise and practical knowledge, my capability to structure and organise, all these are highly valuable in my endevour to suppport and coach audit and compliance professionals.

Looking forward getting in touch with you!