Certified Member of European Mentoring & Coaching Council and International Coach Federation

Hello, I’m Cristina!

And this is me in a short summary:

  • 14 years of experience in audit and advisory
  • 5 international certifications
  • 97 audits in 10 countries on 3 continents
  • 32 advisory projects
  • 247 professional books read
  • member of the International Coaching Federation

My main focus is on coaching individuals and organisations on their path to success.

I’m committed to supporting women, young professionals and entrepreneurs. This is why I’ve taken upon coaching and mentoring and I’ve created different platforms to address specific needs. It would be a great pleasure to get in touch and determine how we can work together!

In the same time, I truly believe that my set of skills and experience can add value to your organization and support you in achieving your goals. This is why I’ve identified 4 areas where I can best serve the needs of organizations like yours. Each type of service identified is designed to fill a certain demand, but taken together they are an interconnected aggregate that feeds one from the other.

For You:

Coaching, mentoring or entrepreneurial development. I’m committed to your success!

Are you unsure what is the right career path for you? Do you need to assess the broader picture? Or you need to work on a skill like delivering presentations?

You are in the right place! Part of my commitment to developing professionals is the involvement in career coaching and mentoring. Ranging from identifying what are the suitable certifications for you, to define a career path, re-designing it, targeting the right jobs to personal development. Send me an email and we set a call to talk about it.

Are you setting your course on the entrepreneurial path? Do you want to get involved in entrepreneurial projects?

In this case, I would be happy to talk about it and see if one of the 2 platforms created can support your endeavor. Or it might actually lead us to identify a gap where we can work together on a research project. I strongly believe that there is something to learn from each interaction.

For Your Organisation:

Remote or on-site, here are the types of services that I can support with:


Are you short on staff or a team member decided to pursue other opportunities putting the accomplishment of your audit plan in danger? Let’s set up a meeting and identify the best way I can fill in the gap.

Risk Management

You would like to start the exercise of setting up an Enterprise Risk Management system but don’t know exactly where to start? Then let’s embark on this journey together.

Process Analysis

Streamlined processes can have a very powerful impact on the performance of the organization. Unleash the growth by transforming your processes.


The right employees are the key to success. Investing in them is equal to investing in the future of the organization. Together we can define training schemes to support that vision.

The articles below are destined to be a starting point for debate on topics that are of interest for any professional. Hence, I would highly value your opinions and points of view as discussions can drive developments.